Research Skills Development Week

Welcome to Research Skills Development Week!

Make a note of week 42, because in 2022 we're trying something new. During this time, researchers at the UV Faculty will be offered a wide range of courses on data management, project management and communications; just to name a few. Join us for a week packed full of useful tools, techniques and resources that will make you a better researcher. 

Using social media to boost your research career

Daniel Quintana, Senior Researcher at the Department of Psychology

Social media has turned this system on its head by providing an opportunity for anyone to share their work and build collaborations, free of gatekeeping. Daniel S. Quintana, Senior Researcher at the Department of Psychology (UiO) and the winner of UiO Young Researcher Award in 2022, will demonstrate the benefits of social media and provide some practical tips on getting started.

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Project management 101 - minimizing risk in research

Hiwa Målen

This course will help you as a project manager to understand and plan research projects to minimize risk and ensure effective implementation. Hiwa Målen, Senior Research Advisor at UiB,  has background as a researcher and extensive project management from private sector, responsible for project portfolios on the North Sea energy extraction installations.

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Courses and events

17 Oct.
9:15 AM, Helga Engs Hus Seminarrom 232
17 Oct.
11:15 AM, Helga Engs Hus Seminarrom 231
17 Oct.
1:15 PM, Seminarrom 232
17 Oct.
1:15 PM, Helga Engs hus seminarrom 231
18 Oct.

More support for researchers

Introductory seminar for new PhD candidates 2022

As part of Research Skills Development Week we are inviting new PhD candidates to join us at Sundvolden for a two day programme on various topics especially selected for you. This seminar is by invitation only.