Research data management 101 – planning and managing research data

The course will go through primary aspects of data management including data management plans, classification, storage, organization, FAIR, persistent identifiers, licenses, and archives.

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After the course the participants are invited to join a shut-up and write your data management plan session, with both time to write and discuss issues that comes up during the writing of a data management plan with the course holder.

Target Audience

Researchers who want to learn the basics of research data management and get practical help to write a data management plan

Learning Objectives

  • Be ready to write your data management plan
  • Be familiar with relevant concepts such as FAIR
  • Know best practises for file naming and data storage
  • Be familiar with best practices regarding persists identifiers and licencing of research data
  • Have general knowledge what to consider when selecting a data archive


Live Håndlykken Kvale, Førstebibliotekar, Universitetsbiblioteket

Published Aug. 29, 2022 1:51 PM - Last modified Sep. 5, 2022 11:18 AM