Storytelling in academic writing

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Most academic texts are nothing like Hollywood blockbusters. But a research paper can still benefit from strategic use of storytelling to make the research clear, engaging and readable - all while we as writers get to have fun during the writing process. Come for the stories, stay for the practical tips, and get a head start on writing your next paper.  

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The course is fully booked - register to waiting list



Target Audience

UV PhD-candidates who would like to become better writers 

Learning Objectives

After participating in the writing workshop, you will be able to use a handful of writing exercises alone and together with colleagues to develop your research and write clear and readable research papers. 


Åsmund H. Eikenes has a PhD in cell biology from UiO, and has published both quantitative and qualitative research. He is the author of six books, including three popular science books, a novel, an illustrated children's book and a textbook on storytelling in science communication. He has been teaching science communication and storytelling for many years, and his workshops are known for enthusiasm, a hands-on-approach and plenty of post-it-notes. He currently works as a content designer at the design and innovation agency Halogen.

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