Guidelines for the project description

The quality of the project description is a key criterion in the assessment of applications for admission to the PhD programme.

A project description is normally provided as part of the assessment for the position. In the project description (8–10 pages), the applicant will give an account of the:

  • topic
  • research questions (based on relevant theory and literature)
  • choice of methods
  • project progress plan
  • resource needs
  • bibliography

The applicant must show that they have insight into the field in question and have a good command of its main research questions. The plan must hence be well thought through, and it must be possible to execute the project within the nominal period of study. The key point is that the objectives are specific, relevant, and that the research questions and hypotheses are clear.

Advice has been compiled on the content of a project description. Please note that any necessary costs associated with execution, e.g. linked to data collection, must be clearly listed as resource needs.  It is a condition that the plan is well written with all the necessary information and that it is possible for the evaluation committee to read out of the project plan that it is possible for the applicant to finish the research and the dissertation within the nominal time of three to four years.

There will be no possibility to revise the project description when sent the Faculty for evaluation. If the project description is evaluated not acceptable, the applicant has to apply again at a later date.

Occasionally an applicant may be asked to incorporate their project into a larger project led by a researcher at the Faculty. In this event, this will be stated in the advertisement.

A full project description will be expected delivered within a few months after the admission. 

Published Mar. 21, 2016 5:19 PM - Last modified Feb. 14, 2019 4:14 PM