Behavioral Learning Disorder

Interaction and behavioral problems at schools, kindergartens and society in general is especially significant within the area of behavior-related learning difficulties .

The concept involves special needs education work for early detection, intervention and prevention of the difficulties.  It is studied in the context of interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration for the development of teaching programmes. Children develop social skills through a complex interaction between  living conditions, personal qualifications, influence of the environment and teaching programmes. Therefore, all these factors are important for research work in the field.

Behaviour-related learning difficulties can take different forms from extremely self-contained  to externalized behavior , whereas the  difficulties can be  rooted in the individual’s psychosocial experiences at home, school and during leisure time.

 Courses in the area are aimed at developing students ' competence for detecting and analyzing pupils’ learning experiences and creating  good teaching practices. Moreover, this way the students can acquire valuable insights in understanding personal  development opportunities.

Central topics within the research area

  • Socialization and translative knowledge
  • Mobbing and violence at schools and society
  • Substance abuse and crime-related problems and disorder at schools

Research groups

Related studies

  • Master's programme in Special Needs Education, SPED4300
  • Master's programme in Special Needs Education, SPED4000
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