Counselling and Innovation

Counselling is professional process based on a mutual agreement that a person or persons enter into a partnership with another in an effort to attain help and support in tackling challenges in their lives.

Special Needs Education focuses on how to help children, young people and adults with special needs to cope with their everyday life, and exploit their education or job opportunities.

Counsellingvaries with regards to the needs of those seeking help (helpee). It can, for example, be a direct form of support enabling management of learning and social functioning, guidance in relation to defining goal and choosing courses of action, or consultation to support systems surrounding the individual(s) or promoting innovations to better their practices. All forms of counselling involve initiating a solution focused process that promotes learning and growth for helpee(s).

Research groups

  • Learning, mastery and quality of life for children at risk

Related studies

  • Master's programme in Special Needs Education, SPED4000
  • Master's programme in Special Needs Education, SPED4000F
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