ICT and learning

How do new technological means of communicating and presenting advanced knowledge affect the ways in which we learn and teach?

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The area of research known as ICT and learning covers the study of how digital tools and learning interact within and with different learning situations.

The conditions for learning have changed dramatically over the past 15 years. Technological developments have created new possibilities and challenges.

Today learning environments are developed using highly advanced scientific knowledge which students can put into use. The distance between the research laboratories and the schools has been reduced. Examples of this are models that can simulate climate changes or how genetic material is structured.

In parallel with this, social media such as wikis and blogs are being used by large sections of the population. These new technologies present greater challenges for pupils and students, and learning is made increasingly more demanding. Both advanced learning environments and social media therefore create new challenges in terms of what learning can be achieved, how and where it will take place and who can take part.

Research units and groups

The Faculty of Educational Sciences has a research centre and several groups of researchers who focus on different aspects of research into ICT and learning. These include:

  • InterMedia
  • Transaction: Learning, Knowing and Identity in Contemporary Society

Research projects

Related study programmes and courses

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