Social media

Research on social media deals with what these technologies can be used for and how they change everyday life.

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Social media are technologies for publishing and sharing user-generated content at the internet.

At the Faculty of Educational Sciences the area of research known as social media studies the ways in which these technologies can be designed and used for the purposes of learning and communication in education, working life and cultural dissemination.

Key research questions are:

  • Have social media changed our lives?
  • If so, what has changed and how?
  • Can we resolve old problems in new ways by using social media?
  • How should we design in order to accomplish this?

Research units

The Department of Education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences is a leading research environment in the use and design of social media for the purposes of learning, cultural dissemination, knowledge sharing and innovation. The Department together with the Faculty have its own infrastructure for conducting research into the future use of digital technology in collaboration with external partners and users.

Research projects



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