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Computers for employees

The faculty wants all staff in scientific positions (permanent and temporary) to have a laptop computer. The financial framework for a docked laptop is currently set at NOK 12,000. Additional display, keyboard and mouse are funded by the institute. If other equipment is needed, this must be agreed with the nearest manager. Employees in administrative positions consult their manager what type of machine is necessary for the duties in the position.

Guidelines for our computers

The faculty has developed some common guidelines for our computers:

Guidelines for Laptop Users

Laptops have some additional requirements for users:

  • The computer is kept up to date by the end user. This means that the machine must be connected to the Internet every two months to download updates to Windows and other software on the machine:
  • Be subject to any institutional limitations as to whether you can use your laptop against research areas and other secure services.
  • Backup. The IT service at the faculty may be helpful with tips, advice and any backup software, but the individual is nevertheless responsible for ensuring that such backup is actually carried out.
  • Protected well to prevent loss / theft and damage. Laptops are not necessarily guaranteed repair (despite signing a separate service agreement upon purchase) if the damage is self-inflicted.