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Direct Access (DA)

Direct Access (DA) is Microsoft's solution for establishing a secure connection between machine and network at UiO (equivalent to VPN). Laptops running Windows 10 powered by UiO come with this solution. If DA does not work, you will not have access to home area, shared storage areas or the UiO website.

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How do I see if DA is connected?

Click the wireless network icon below the clock on the toolbar. At the top of this window it should say UiO (DA-C) and on the line below it should say Connected.

If it says Connecting or nothing at all, you're probably having connection issues.


What do I do if there is no connection?

Right-click with the mouse on the field that shows the wireless network you are connected to and select Forget.

Restart the computer. Before logging in, make sure that the machine is connected to a network. If you see a globe in the lower right corner of the login screen, tap it and establish a connection.

Remember to use if you are trying to connect to Eduroam!