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Computer room

In Helga Eng's house we have a quiet room (255) with 8 computers. On the outside is a printer with a card reader (supports color printing and email scanning). The room is open every weekday between 08:00 and 15:00. After 15:00 and on weekends, you must use a valid access card and code.

Computer labs

We have two classrooms (rooms 235 and 241) with 28 and 34 computers respectively, a teaching machine connected to a projector and a printer. In the latter room there is also a Smart Board. All machines are set up with standard software. The rooms are open for booking, but only accessible for staff with access cards.


All of our three auditoriums have a computer with support for DVD, projector, speakers and a loop (for the hearing impaired). There are 2 wired microphones with a stand, a wearable and a handheld microphone. It is possible to connect to an external computer if it has a monitor output with VGA connector support. If extra furniture is needed, this should be taken with the Property Department.


In addition, we have 8 classrooms of varying sizes. Common to these is that they have a computer with support for DVD, projector and speakers. All our common areas must have access to the wireless network at UiO.


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