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Data handling

The IT service at the UV faculty provides technical guidance in connection with data management.

Privacy policy

Do you need to collect personal data in your project? What personal data you can collect and how you can process and use it is regulated by law (GDPR) and guidelines (UiO). You need to familiarize yourself with this information:

Questions related to data management are directed to the supervisor (for students) or the unit's privacy contact (for employees).

Recording equipment

The faculty offers to lend audio recorders to students and staff. These can only be used for green and yellow data. In addition, the University of Oslo has created its own mobile app that can be used for recording that can also be configured to send data directly to the TSD for use with red data.

Data collection without network

If the recording is done in fields without access to the network, an extra copy of the data material should be provided. It is allowed to store yellow and green data on encrypted memory sticks. Here is a guide for macOS and Windows. Alternatively, you can encrypt the file with 7zip.

Data collection tips

Inform informants that they should avoid using personal and place names that may be identifying. Try to minimize the risk of people accidentally joining the recording. Be prepared to stop recording in situations where unauthorized people appear in the recording field.


After the recording is completed, it is important that the data is placed in a secure location with the possibility of backup. When using yellow and green data it is recommended to use OneDrive. It is a condition that this is authenticated with your user at the University of Oslo. OneDrive is part of Office365 and more information about the service can be found here.