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Borrowing audio recorders

The IT services offers to lend a limited number of dictaphones to our own students, on a first come, first served basis (Advance booking is unfortunately not possible at this time).

The IT service assists in designing the equipment if needed, but there are also guides for this below. Set aside time to familiarize yourself with the equipment before use.

Since these dictaphones do not support encryption, they can only be used to collect non-confidential data (green and yellow data).

Prerequisites in order to borrow


The dictaphone does not have an internal memory, so the accompanying MicroSD-card inserted into the lateral SD-port is thus necessary. Two “AAA” batteries are also necessary, and it’s important to confirm that it has adequate power before your recording session begins. If you plan to do a longer session, please bring extra batteries just in case. Read the manuals below for more information about using the dictaphone.

Startup guide


Encryption of memory sticks

The accompanying memory stick must be used as a secure location for your recordings, and it is important that it is properly configured before usage, by following the guidelines below.

Guide for Windows 10

Guide for macOS

The recording must be transferred to the encrypted memory stick after your recording has been completed. For this task, please use the accompanying adapter. Remove the Micro SD card from the Dictaphone and insert it into the adapter. Then insert the adapter itself into an available USB port on your computer, and move the content from the SD card to the memory stick.

Erasing the Micro SD card in a secure manner

After you have confirmed, that the recording has indeed been moved to the memory stick, all tracks of the recording must be erased from the Micro SD card, which can be attained by utilizing «SD Memory Card Formatter».

Guide for SD Card Formatter

Guidelines for personal data

There are specific guidelines for handling personal data, that all students must adhere to in context of writing their thesis. All students that need to record and process personal data must familiarize themselves with these guidelines.

Privacy Protection and Research Papers

Students must also be familiarized with the regulations concerning data classification at the University of Oslo.

Classification of data and information

This classification decides where you may store your data, in accordance with the guidelines below

Data storage guide

The faculty offers specifi storage areas for students that are about to handle sensitive information. Please contact the Faculty IT services for facilitation.

Loss of equipment or leak of data/information

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