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How to connect to the shared file archive

Here is a guide on how to connect the common area via UiO Programkiosk.

  1. Log in to UiO Programkiosk with VMware Horizon Client.
  2. Choose File Explorer (1).
  3. In File Explorer click on This PC (2) in the left part of the window and then click Computer (3) on the toolbar on the top. Then choose Map network drive (4).
  4. In the next windows choose the letter U: in the field Drive (5) and then enter the address \\\uv-felles in the field Folder (6) and click Finish (7).Note that the connection may take some time. If nothing happens, you can press the File Explorer title bar and then the F5 button on the keyboard.
  5. Once the site is connected, it is available on the left side of File Explorer under This PC (8) and under Network locations (9).