Wireless Zones

The Faculty of Education provides some wireless zones which grants internet access for students and employers with a valid UiO username and password. A list of known wireless zones at our Faculty is provided..

Read more about wireless networking at the University of Oslo

Helga Engs hus

Location/Venue Room number
Outside common student rooms in the basement (K level) K10
In the common student room on sublevel 1 U04
The cantine on the first floor 144
Auditorium 1 on first floor 160
Auditorium 2 on first floor 155
Auditorium 3 on first floor 165
The hall next to the elevetors on the second floor 204
In the meeting room for the board of the Faculty (access to this room is restricted to employers only) 265
The IT section on the third floor 351
The "south" corridor on the fourth floor 431
The "north" corridor on the fourth floor 455
The corridor located at the front desk in floor five 504
The corridor at the sink and water dispenser on the fifth floor 509


Location/Venue Room number


Physics building

Location/Venue Room number


Ragnar Frisch Auditorium (Ullevål Kino)

Location/Venue Room number
Over Cafe Abel  Rom 209



Location/Venue Room number


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