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Prerequisite for lending

  1. The data collection plan has been completed and approved
  2. Your supervisor has confirmed the right to borrow the equipment
  3. You have become acquainted with the Storage Guide at UiO
  4. You have filled out the equipment loan declaration
  5. Contact IT when the points above have been completed

Read more about privacy in student projects at the faculty

Use of dictaphone

The recorder has no internal storage device, and it is therefore a prerequisite that the MicroSD card that comes with the box is connected to the port on the side of the device. The dictaphone also needs 2 AAA batteries. Check that there is sufficient power on the unit before recording begins. If a longer recording is planned, we recommend that you bring extra batteries. Read the manuals below for more information on how to use the dictaphone:

Start-up guide for the dictaphone

Manual for the dictaphone

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Memory stick encryption

The supplied memory stick must be used as secure storage for the recordings. It is important that this is set up correctly in advance of the recording. Follow the instructions below:

Windows 10 Guide

macOS Guide

The recording should be transferred to the encrypted memory stick as soon as it is finished. For this you can use the supplied adapter. Remove the memory card (MicroSD) from the recorder and insert it into the adapter. Then insert the adapter into the machine and move the contents to the memory stick.

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Secure erasure of MicroSD memory card

After the recording is transferred to the memory stick, all tracks must be deleted from the memory card. Secure memory card deletion can be done with SD Memory Card Formatter:

SD Card Formatter Guide

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Loss of equipment / data lost

  • If you are unlucky enough to lose or damage your equipment, contact your IT service as soon as possible
  • If sensitive data has gone astray, this must be reported immediately using this form!