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Printing in Helga Eng's house

In Helga Eng's house we have two printers (room 262) available to the public. The room is located between the reading rooms to the right when you come up the stairs to the second floor of the foyer. The printers are connected to a card reader and support color printing, A3 and scanning to e-mail.

Printing with card reader

There are around 1000 network disks at UiO. All printing is via the Safecom printing system. When you print on a machine at UiO, use the printer The printout is retrieved with a separate student card / access card or username and password for the printers that have a print panel.


Free quota

As of the spring semester 2018, the students' free print quota is 350 pages. The free quota is adjusted twice a year, 1 July and 1 January. In both cases, the free quota will be reset to 350 pages, regardless of what the quota was before. It is not possible to buy an additional free quota, it is set by USIT and can be used until it is empty.

Payment quotas

The payment quota is basically empty, so the balance is NOK 0.00. A deposit of 100 kroner provides 125 sheets of print, either single-sided or double-sided. Users can deposit money into this quota via the print portal. In contrast to the free quota, the payment quota will not be adjusted per semester.