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Leave of absence and delay

The Master's Degree Programme in Special Needs Education has a scope of 120 credits and is a full time 2 year study (4 semesters). The Master's thesis is an independent work conducted in the 4th semester of the Master's programme. If you need to apply for leave of absence or a postponement of the submission the below regulations apply. 

Leave on the basis of documented needs

If you need to apply for leave of absence on the grounds of long-term illness (yourself or someone in your care) or because you are giving birth/adopting, the ordinary regulations apply. That also applies if you have other documented needs as specified in the regulations. 

General leave without attaching documentation

You can not apply for general leave on no particular grounds for the forth semester of the master's programme. The below regulations then apply. 


If you are delayed with the Master's Thesis and you are not able to submit by the stipulated deadline you may apply for postponing the submission until the following semester. You apply by sending an email to The application must include a brief work schedule/description for completion of the thesis of approximately 1/2 a page. The work schedule should indicate the current status of your thesis, a schedule for the remaining work, how many hours of supervision you have had and maybe also how you and your supervisor will distribute the remaining hours of supervision throughout the period of supervision. 

The deadlines for applying for a postponement are the same as the deadline for withdrawing from the exam. You may find the deadline for withdrawing from the exam on the semester page.

If your supervisor is not able to continue the supervision the following semester, it must specified in your application. In such cases The Department of Special Needs Education will consider the further supervision. 

Should you need to postpone the submission an additional semester it is possible to apply for that. In cases of a second application for postponement you must in the work schedule show that you have had some progress with your thesis the last semester. 

Research Proposal - Valid for three years

An approved research proposal is valid for three years. If you are delayed, and your research proposal is older than three years when you are to initiate your work on your Master's Thesis, you must deliver an updated research proposal for the Department's approval. The updated research proposal must be approved before you are assigned a supervisor and can start working on your thesis. Contact if this applies to you.

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