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Reading Rooms and Group Rooms

As a student at the Faculty of Educational Sciences you have access to the reading rooms and group rooms at Helga Engs hus.

There are two reading rooms at Helga Engs house. The reading room on the 2nd floor is for Bachelor students at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, while the reading room on the 3rd floor is reserved for Master students.

Every semester Master students at the faculty may apply to be assigned a desk in the 3rd floor reading room. The number of desks is limited, and will be allocated based on seniority and demand.This means that you may have to share your seat with a fellow student, or that you may not get a permanent seat at all this semester.

Use this application form if you want to apply. The application deadline is 1 February for the spring semester and 1 September for the autumn semester. If there are special circumstances that should give you an advantage in allocation of seat, this must be documented by, for example, a medical certificate. The documentation must be submitted at the Student Information Centre within the application deadline. Please mark the envelope with 'study hall inspector'.

The distribution will be completed by September 10th/February 10th. The seat must then be labeled with your name and schedule within two weeks after distribution.



Group rooms are in the basement.

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