Candidate Ann Elise Kristoffersen's dissertation for the degree of Ph.D.

The titel of the dissertation is:

Literacy practices in preschools with deaf and hearing children.

This dissertation looks into literacy practices in Norwegian preschools.  It is written within the area of special needs education and the main focus is on deaf children and the development of literacy. The aim of the study is to develop knowledge about literacy practices in preschools with deaf and hearing children and where both signed and spoken language are in use.

The research question is developed within a sociocultural framework, where literacy is seen as social practice.  In such perspective children develop literacy as they interact with other people around them.

The research question raise is: What terms for interaction may facilitate access to literacy events for deaf and hearing children.

Data is based on field notes and video recordings of literacy events where both deaf and hearing children take part and interviews with preschool manager and teachers.

Findings indicate that it may be a challenge for preschools to facilitate literacy events when both deaf and hearing children are present, particularly when both spoken and sign language are in use at the same time.

The learning area Communication, language and text in the Framework plan for preschools (2011) are a topic which is highly valued in preschools. The way this learning area is organized and practiced, creates different terms for interaction between deaf and hearing children.

It is important for staff working in preschools to develop knowledge that can facilitate inclusive learning areas for a diversity of children. Such knowledge is required in order to create good learning conditions for all; including young deaf children.

The study was conducted at Skådalen Resource Centre and at the University of Oslo, Faculty of Educational Science, Department of Special Needs Education. The study is financed by the Research Council of Norway, PRAKUT

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