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Title of dissertation:

Collective knowledge advancement as a pedagogical practice in teacher education. An explorative case study of student group work with wiki assignments in the interplay between an offline and a global online setting.

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Avhandlingens tittel er:

Kjennetegn ved sykepleieres pedagogiske kompetanse.

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Title of dissertation:

Practice-Based Teacher Education Coursework: An Examination of the Extent and Characteristics of How Teacher Education Coursework Is Grounded in Practice Across Six Teacher Education Programs in Finland, Norway and California, US.

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Title of dissertation:

Discursive portraits of language, literacy and learning: emerging bilinguals in Norway.

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Tittel på avhandling:

A Comparative Study of Disruptive Behavior between Schools in Norway and the United States.

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Title of dissertation:

Is Language Impairments a Symptom of Nocturnal Epileptiform Activity? Studies exploring the relationship between nocturnal epileptiform activity and language impairments.

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Avhandlingens tittel er:

Å lese og navigere på nettet. En studie av elevers navigasjonsstrategier