Sist endret 18. nov. 2019 10:55 av Anne Elvigen Evandt
Sist endret 20. aug. 2019 11:54 av Olga Mukhina

Mathematically gifted adolescents in Norway: Exploring mathematically gifted adolescents' experience with the school system in Norway.

Sist endret 20. nov. 2019 08:02 av Anne Elvigen Evandt

Scientific inquiry in TIMSS and PISA 2015. Inquiry as an instructional approach and the assessment of inquiry as an instructional outcome in science.

Sist endret 20. aug. 2019 11:54 av Olga Mukhina

Exploring the enactment of learning outcomes in higher education: Contested interpretations and practices through policy nets, knots, and tangles.

Sist endret 14. nov. 2019 14:16 av Anne Elvigen Evandt

Legitimeringen av utdanningsreformer og vurderingsordninger i Norge og Sverige

Sist endret 27. nov. 2019 10:06 av Anne Elvigen Evandt

Making Sense of the Word and the World: Figurative Language Comprehension in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Sist endret 11. nov. 2019 12:27 av Anne Elvigen Evandt

Promoting self-determination for adolescents with mild intellectual disability. Validation of a self-determination measure and evaluation of an educational intervention.