Master Kenneth Silseth'savhandling for graden Ph.D.

Avhandlingens tittel er:

Constructing learning dialogically; learners, contexts and resources. Exploring how students and teachers participate in game-based learning and digital storytelling in educational settings.

This dissertation is written within the field of educational research. The main aim has been to explore how resources that are made available in technology-enhanced learning environments are interpreted and used by students and their teachers. Two cases have been studied; one case on game-based learning and another case on digital storytelling. In the first case Silseth has followed upper secondary students who have played the computer game Global Conflicts: Palestine, in order to learn about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In the second case he has followed lower secondary students who have made digital stories in order to learn about themes related to World War II.

            By employing a dialogical perspective on meaning-making and learning, Silseth has analyzed in detail how students and teachers collaboratively make meaning of and in these activities. The research design is based on the case study method, in which detailed analyses of video-recorded social interaction have been carried out. 

            The dissertation provides several significant findings. The dissertation shows that game-based learning and digital storytelling have the potential to contribute to learning environments that support students’ work on curricular topics. However, it also shows that the realization of such a potential is dependent on different issues, for example, the context of use and how students orient to the resources made available. The dissertation shows that the teacher is important in students’ interpretation and use of resources, and points to various ways the teacher can frame students’ participation in such learning environments. In addition, the dissertation provides knowledge about how technology-enhanced learning in an educational setting has to be considered in light of students’ identity work as learners.


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