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Sist endret 9. jan. 2019 13:20 av
Sist endret 9. jan. 2019 13:22 av
Sist endret 26. feb. 2019 15:23 av

Towards competency-oriented mathematics education. An investigation of task demands and teachers’ knowledge of task demands from a competency perspective.

Sist endret 4. feb. 2019 14:56 av

Digital Natives With Reading Difficulties. A study of dyslexic adolescents' integration of conflicting information across web pages and presentation formats.

Sist endret 30. juni 2019 18:16 av lenkeretter@localhost

Students' sense making of feedback. Dialogue, interactions and emotions.

Sist endret 30. jan. 2019 11:20 av

Tilbakemeldingspraksiser i engelskfagets skriveundervisning. Lærer- og elevperspektiver

Sist endret 5. apr. 2019 13:23 av

Personalets praksiser for å støtte barn med autisme til sosial deltakelse i barnehagens uformelle miljø. En kritisk fortolkende case-studie med et kryssnasjonalt perspektiv.

Sist endret 10. apr. 2019 10:54 av lenkeretter@localhost

Beyond heritage and acculturation. Accounts of upbringing, choices, and plans from children of immigrants in prestigious higher education in Norway.

Sist endret 13. feb. 2019 11:32 av

Essence of Education for Children with Disabilities in Developing Countries. Survey of Tanzanian Regular Primary School Teachers' Self-Efficacy, Attitudes towards and Willingness to Include Pupils With Disabilities.

Sist endret 5. mars 2019 14:29 av

Democracy and politics in upper secondary social studies. Students’ perceptions of democracy, politics, and citizenship preparation.

Sist endret 6. feb. 2020 11:34 av lenkeretter@localhost

Productive feedback practices in higher education. Investigating social and epistemic relations in two undergraduate courses.

Sist endret 4. apr. 2019 10:46 av lenkeretter@localhost

Mutual Development in Online Collaborative Processes. Three Case Studies of Artifact Co-creation at Different Levels of Participation.

Sist endret 29. apr. 2019 13:53 av

Profiling and Researching TIMSS by Introducing a Content Lens on Eighth-grade Science (PARTICLES).

Sist endret 4. apr. 2019 10:48 av lenkeretter@localhost

Universal design for learning towards achieving inclusive higher education in Tanzania.

Sist endret 16. jan. 2019 09:33 av

How and what students read: A study of evaluation and document selection processes in task-oriented reading.