Cand.ed. Monika Kvernene's avhandling for graden ph.d.

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Bedside Teaching among Novice Medical Teachers. Mapping conceptions of bedside teaching and exploring change within the context of teaching community..

Teaching quality has been on the agenda of higher education institutions for decades. As a way of exploring the contextual variables affecting university teachers’ teaching practices, this study focuses on one particular teaching method within a specific discipline; bedside teaching in medicine. The thesis provides systematic and detailed analyses of the following two research questions:

  1. In what ways do novice medical teachers experience bedside teaching?
  2. In what respects do novice medical teachers change their ways of experiencing bedside teaching and what triggers these changes?

Based on semi-structured qualitative research interviews and observation of bedside teaching with 11 novice medical teachers, two analyses have been conducted. The first one is a phenomenographic analysis seeking to map the variation in the teachers’ ways of experiencing bedside teaching. In the second analysis changes in bedside teaching practices are explored using a thematic analysis. The changes are in turn discussed through the theoretical lenses of Wenger’s concept Communities of Practice.

Five qualitative different ways of experiencing bedside teaching were discerned in the phenomenographic analysis. The least complex category is associated with demonstrating patients and learning basic medical facts. Intermediate categories focus on examination and clinical reasoning skills while the most complex conception embrace professionalism. The second analysis demonstrates how changes in teaching can be understood in light of the characteristic features of the bedside teaching community. Furthermore, teaching was found to be shaped by previous experiences as medical students, research, local hospital cultures the larger disciplinary community of medicine.

These insights have implications for faculty development in terms of anchoring training in local disciplinary, social and workplace contexts.

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