Æresdoktor 2014: Professor Charles Hulme

Charles Hulme is Professor of Psychology at University College London and Professor II at the Department of Special Needs Education, University of Oslo.  Professor Charles Hulme has broad research interests in reading, language and memory processes and is an expert of Randomised Controlled Trials evaluating interventions for reading and language difficulties in children. He is a former Editor in Chief of the journal Scientific Studies of Reading (2007-2009) and is currently a Senior Editor of Psychological Science, the flagship journal of the Association for Psychological Science.He is the author of some 190 articles and chapters, and some 11 authored or edited books.  In 2009 he published Developmental disorders of language, learning and cognition (Wiley-Blackwell; co-authored with Maggie Snowling), well reputed text book used by researchers and students world wide.

I tilknytning til æresdoktorkreeringen ble det avholdt en egen æresdoktorforelesning av fakultetets kandidat.


Denne ble gjennomført:

Dag: Mandag 1. september 2014

Tid:   kl. 10.15

Sted: Auditorium 2, Helga Engs hus

Tittel på æresdoktorforelesningen 2014:  Is neuroscience a useful guide to developing educational interventions?

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