Helga Eng-forelesningen 2015:

What is a teacher in the 21st century and what does a 21st century teacher need to know?

Professor Ian Menter

Vice-President, British Educational Research Association,

formerly Professor of Teacher Education, University of Oxford 


There is now almost universal recognition around the world that 'teaching matters' and that the quality of teaching is crucial in social and economic development.

However, there has been remarkably little change in the ways in which teachers' work is constructed and the ways in which teachers are educated for a lifetime of preparing young people for their future worlds.

In this talk Ian Menter will reflect on debates about the nature of teaching and teacher education to challenge much of the dominant thinking, suggesting that such thinking is often driven by ideology and prejudice rather than by careful deliberation or by the use of research evidence. 

His conclusion is that there are important underlying values that can be traced through the history of teaching which may now be more important than ever, but that the ways in which these values are embodied in the work of contemporary teachers are in need of major reconsideration.



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