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Teknisk-adminstrativ gruppe

Postal address Postboks 1099 Blindern, 0317 OSLO
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 35
Niels Henrik Abels hus
0851 OSLO
Org. Unit ID 180201



Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aamdal, Helene Gjerde Executive Officer
Aamodt, Lee Ae Ran Project Manager +47 22855933 Quality of education, Student and Academic Administration, Teacher education
Aanonsen, Victoria Emilie Støtvig Student
Andersen, Arvid Evjen Student History
Andreassen, Silje Malen
Aspelund, Solveig Senior Executive Officer
Bhatti, Sanam Tariq Senior Executive Officer +47 22841847
Bratting, Karianne Berg Senior Executive Officer
Bruaset, Erlend Fugleberg Universitetslektor
Bøe, Sunniva Monclair Konsulent
Christiansen, Torgeir Senior Engineer +47 22854137
Dikova, Maria Senior Adviser +47 22858898 QUINT, Nordic centre of excellence, research administration, research support, communication, web publishing, web editor
Eggen, Toril Adviser +47 22855301
Eriksen, Anna Senior Adviser +47 22844915
Fosvold, Jon Erlend Higher Executive Officer +47 22855060 Reception
Gulheim, Bjørn Sverre Head Engineer +4797750416
Hansen, Simon Tien Student
Haram, Henrik Hung Rådgiver
Heie, Magnus Adviser +47 22844850 97605224 Research dissemination, ProTed
Hessevik, Anne-Marit Higher executive officer +47 22845753
Hoda, Mushir Executive Officer
Holen, Siv Bergheim Higher Executive Officer +47 22856580
Holen, Solveig Ingebjørg Universitetslektor
Hope, Brigt Senior Executive Officer +47 22855036 Student and Academic Administration
Hyldmo, Kirsti Adviser +47 22854299
Hårsaker, Tove Senior Executive Officer
Iversen, Celine Simers
Jensen, Anneli Jarnvig Higher Executive Officer +47 22850348
Kaas, Astrid Waaler Head of Office +47 22855018 Strategic planning, organisational development, HES, Recruitment, Personnel management
Kalsoom, Amina Senior Executive Officer +47 22854157
Kazazic, Jasmina Higher Executive Officer
Klingseid, Sarah Beate Senior Executive Officer +47 22854382
Kristian, Elena Lecturer
Kvame, Bodil Student
Kåsamoen, Eli Kristiansen Adviser +47 22857879
Lid, Gunnar Head Engineer
Lidal, Anne Senior Executive Officer +47 22854154
Mowinckel-Trysnes, Nicolai Seniorkonsulent +47 22858062
Muggerud, Gry Luke Senior Executive Officer +47 22857065
Møller, Jorunn +47 22857618 +47-95901843 Educational Leadership and organisational learning, Education Governance, School Reforms, Education Policy and School Evaluation
Nardot, Georgie
Narvhus, Eva Kristin Senior Adviser +47 22856892 EKVA
Nielsen, Sandra Rebekka Senior Executive Officer +47 22856433 Web, research administration, PhD
Nymoen, Kenneth Head Engineer +47 22844824 Local IT support
Nøkland, Anna Student
Olsen, Celin Marie Hoel Senior Executive Officer +47 22857614
Olsen, Martin Eek Senior Executive Officer +47 22845753
Roald, Maria Bjørdal Administrative Manager +47 22858619 +4793849545 (mob) 938 49 545
Ryen, Jostein Andresen Senior Adviser +47 22858580
Skar, Morten Senior Adviser +47 22844416 45465815 EKVA
Smith, Rita Senior Executive Officer +47 22850019
Stende, Lars Tore Larsen Senior Executive Officer +47 22857787
Storå, Ola Aavitsland Student
Stovner, Roar Bakken Student
Strøm, Kristin Flood Adviser +47 22844858 Admissions, Educational Leadership, Student and Academic Administration
Sveipe, Lene Solvang Universitetslektor
Thorstensen, Marie Stanghov Administrative Manager +47 22854261 Student and Academic Administration
Tjeldnes, Kristine Lunåshaug
Tjøstheim, Joakim Student
Torvik, Ragnhild Gotaas Senior Executive Officer +47 22857795
Udland, Tone Merete Ae Mee Universitetslektor
Ulleland, Jonas Adviser
Utnem, Lisa Adviser +47 22844248
Vassbotn, Ida Emilie Higher Executive Officer +47 22858835
Walløe, Kaja Nesheim Universitetslektor
Winge, Kari Mette Universitetslektor