Environmental Humanities Reading Group

First Session: The Anthropocene. The reading group is open to all. Please note change of date.

Recueuil 5, Caroline Tabel (with permission).

Recueuil 5, Caroline Tabel (with permission).

Book : Anthropocene or Capitalocene?:
Nature, History, and the Crisis of Capitalism by Jason Moore

The radical transformations across the humanities and social sciences, the degradation of ecosystems and the increase in socio-ecological injustices are provoking us to rethink the ways we envision and “do” research and practice in diverse fields and across fields.

In this reading group, we can discuss new concepts, theories and practices that have emerged within the environmental humanities, and explore their meanings and implications for our diverse research concerns, epistemologies, methodologies, collaborations, etc. The first section is devoted to the Anthropocene. 

Topics of future sessions will be decided collectively.​

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