Questions and answers

Here are some questions that you may be wondering about, along with our best attempt at answering them.

General questions

What is a virtual conference?

A virtual conference is an interactive online event which brings together a group of people sharing the same interest or expertise so they can exchange ideas and research, learn from each other and network. EELC8 will consist of plenary talks, paper, panel, and poster presentations, and social gatherings, all hosted in virtual ‘rooms’.

Will the dates of the conference be the same?

Yes, the conference will be held the 24-25 September 2020. We will do our best to take time zones into account in planning the program.

How much will the EELC8 conference cost?

Thanks to the generous support of the University of Oslo, we are able to offer strongly reduced conference fees for the online conference. Updated rates for the online conference:

  • Tenured faculty: 100 NOK (approx. 10 Euro)
  • Student (high income country) / non-tenured: 50 NOK (approx. 5 Euro)
  • Student in low or middle income country: no fee

If applicable, please see to determine whether the country where you live is considered to be low- or middle income.

Registration is complete when you have filled out the online registration form and paid the conference fee.


I have an accepted paper. What does this mean for me?

  • The format will be exactly the same: 20 minutes plus 5 minutes discussion. You will be able to present a PowerPoint presentation live from your computer, and the audience will be able to watch and ask you questions afterwards.
  • Further instructions will be shared by email with presenters.

I have an accepted poster. What does this mean for me?

  • You will have to prepare your poster in advance and make a short video of yourself discussing the poster (3 minutes maximum), which will be uploaded to a website that we will provide: a poster wall. 
  • During the conference, other participants will be able to visit the poster wall, watch your presentation, and leave comments.
  • You will receive more details by email.

Can I change my paper due to changes in my research plans in the past months?

Yes. We understand that the unusual circumstances caused by COVID-19 may necessitate a change to your paper. If you need to make a substantial adjustment and want to change the abstract and/or title, please send the updated information to the conference organizers by the 7th of August.

Will I be able to get proof of presentation and/or registration?

Yes, if you request proof of participation we will send it to your email address as a PDF file.

Can I attend even though I am not presenting?

Yes, audience members are welcome. 

Will presentations be recorded and available to view later?

  • The keynote lectures will be recorded and available to be viewed on the conference website. Other presentations will not be recorded. Participants are not allowed to make private recordings.

Technichal matters

What equipment will I need to participate?

  • You will need a computer, a headset or conference microphone, and a web camera. The microphone and camera can be the built-in one on your computer or external ones if you prefer.
  • You will also need Internet access. Using a network cable is more reliable than using WiFi.

What platform will you be using?

  • We will use Zoom. It is free and user-friendly.
  • To join us at the conference, please download Zoom in advance if you do not have it already. Go to the Zoom downloading site ( and select the first option: Zoom Client for Meetings.
  • Test your sound, video and screen sharing, by visiting the Zoom testing site (
  • Learn how to share your screen by watching this basic tutorial on video (

Is Zoom secure?

  • Yes. We will follow necessary precautions, including password protection and waiting rooms in order to assure that only registered conference attendees are able to join the sessions.
  • We will send out guidelines and rules for use of Zoom to all registered conference delegates.

Is it possible to get techical assistance during the conference?

Yes, there will be technical help available before and during the conference. More details will be sent to registered participants via email.

For those who were planning on attending the original conference

I already registered and paid for the physical conference. How do I get my money back?

Participants that had already paid for the original conference will be contacted regarding refunds.

Published June 19, 2020 4:57 PM - Last modified Sep. 23, 2020 9:12 AM