Debra Myhill

University of Exeter, UK

Plenary title: Re-Imagining Grammar


This keynote will consider traditional views of the role of grammar in the teaching of writing, and will offer an evidence-based re-framing of grammar, as a creative and cognitive resource for teaching this new theorisation through reference to a set of pedagogic principles which embody the approach, and practical classroom examples. The presentation will also consider how this re-framing of grammar as choice supports the development of metalinguistic understanding for writing, developing greater agency and autonomy in learner writers.

About Professor Myhill:

Debra Myhill is Professor of Education at the University of Exeter, and Director of the Centre for Research in Writing. Her research interests focus principally on aspects of language and literacy teaching, particularly linguistic and metalinguistic aspects of writing, and the composing processes involved in writing. This research is inter-disciplinary, drawing on psychological, socio-cultural and linguistic perspectives on writing. In 2014, her research team was awarded the Economic and Social Research Council award for Outstanding Impact in Society. Over the past twenty years, she has led a series of research projects in these areas, in both primary and secondary schools, and has been involved in commissioned research or advisory roles for policy-makers and examination boards. She is the author/co-author of several books including: Talking, Listening, Learning: Effective Talk in the Primary Classroom (Open University Press), Using Talk to Support Writing (Sage), The Handbook of Writing Development (Sage), Writing Voices: Creating Communities of Writers (Routledge) and Essential Primary Grammar (OUP). She is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, and President of the European Association for Research in Learning and Instruction. In 2014, she served on the Education sub-panel for the Research Excellence Framework (REF), assessing the quality of UK educational research.

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