Preparing your poster

We hope to host ELE2021 in a hybrid format, open to physical and digital participants alike. To facilitate our hybrid solution, we have not opted for a traditional poster session. Instead, presenters will pre-record their poster presentations so that they can be made available online to digital participants. In addition, we will arrange an on-campus screening for everyone physically present. As part of the poster session we invite viewers (both on- and off-campus) to interact with poster presenters on a digital platform. Here, you will receive questions and comments on your research, which you can also respond to. 

You upload your video presentation to a University of Oslo Dropbox (by May 20th 2021), and it is later stored on our university servers. We plan to use Padlet as a billboard to announce links to the videos, and this is also where we will host the Q&A session. Ahead of the poster session, conference members will receive a link to access the Padlet, and this link will remain active for two weeks following the conference dates. Please note that by submitting your poster and presentation you consent to this arrangement.

Please follow these steps to participate with your poster:

Step 1: Prepare your poster

  • Prepare a digital poster as a single slide in PowerPoint or a similar presentation tool. Set the slide to A1 slide size (tutorial for PowerPoint), or 84,1 x 59,4 cm / 33,1 x 23,4 inch in size.
  • Save your slide in PDF format (tutorial for PowerPoint)
  • If the conference is allowed to host physical participants, the organizing committee will pay for the printing of your poster, so that printed posters may be exhibited on the University of Oslo campus in addition to the online presentations.

Step 2: Record a presentation

  • Make a recording of yourself while presenting your poster. In this video we expect to see your screen (where you display your poster) and hear your voice describing the poster’s main points. We prefer if we can also see your face. If you record in Zoom with an active webcam, this should happen automatically.   
  • The video cannot exceed 3 minutes in length. This means that you must be selective in what you choose to say. 
  • We suggest you use Zoom to record your presentation. Simply record your presentation while sharing your screen (your poster must be displayed on the screen you share). There are also several free tools you can consider: Loom, TechSmith Capture or OBS Studio.
  • Click here for a video tutorial on how to record a video presentation using PowerPoint and Zoom.

Step 3: Upload your poster and video

  • Upload your finished poster in PDF format and video (preferably mpeg4 / mp4 format) to our secure Dropbox folder:
  • Use the following titles for your files:
    • PDF: lastname_poster (ex.: Skarpaas_poster)
    • Video presentation: lastname_presentation (ex.: Skarpaas_presentation)

The poster committee will take care of the rest. 

Deadline: 20.05.2021

Contact: If you have any questions concerning these instructions, please contact the ELE organizing committee using

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