Digital exhibition: Call me by my name

We are delighted to invite all participants to this digital exhibition from MUNCH titled Call me by my name. The exhibition asks whether Edvard Munch’s pictures of Sultan Abdul Karem help us understand our own prejudices and turns our focus towards historical ideas about ethnicity and race while addressing the role of museums in light of present-day questions about racism, identity and diversity. Read more about the exhibition here.


Thursday, June 10, 2021


7:00 PM (GMT+2) Our current time is:


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The event is hosted by Nikita Mathias (Senior concept developer, MUNCH) who introduces the digital exhibition and is with us for a subsequent Q&A-session. 

Want to know more about Edvard Munch? 

Digital festivity

Since we are not able to participate physically in this cultural event, we would like to suggest that you include your family members or a few close friends (to the extent COVID-restrictions allow for this at your location) in a private reception to the ELE2021 conference, while following the digital exhibition. Late in life Munch stopped eating meat (although he continued to enjoy fish), and in a letter to a friend he wrote: 

As a member of the vegetarian cult, I say: Convert from Cannibalism! Do not eat your uncles, aunts and little cousins ​​with shiny eyes. Eat instead, like the lamb, the lily, Lily of the Valley and the grass. You are in fact half vegetarian already – Cognac, burgundy wines and champagne are the blood of the grape.

Suggested menu

The conference organisers would like to recommend the following vegetarian/vegan menu to celebrate the ELE2021 conference, inspired by Munch, the Norwegian cuisine, and the coming of summer


Champagne or sparkling non-alcoholic wine

Suggestion: Pol Roger Brut Reserve (alcoholic) or Sparkling Apple & Williams Pear (non-alcoholic)


‘Wild’ potatoes with fried mushroom, red onion, sour cream (or vegan option) and spinach. Chardonnay white wine or artisan apple juice/cider

(English recipe | Norwegian recipe)


Tomato tart with herb spread. Burgundy red wine or non-alcoholic beer of your choice

(English recipe | Norwegian recipe)


Fresh strawberries with vanilla ice cream (dairy or vegan option)

Coffee or tea


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