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NORMA contributions must be about research (empirical, theoretical, or developmental). Those who wish to submit a paper must send their submissions through the conference website. To be considered for review, the following six elements must be addressed in the paper (even if the results, conclusions, or findings are not complete or final at the time of the submission):

  • Objective/s or purpose/s of the research
  • Perspective(s) or theoretical framework
  • Methods, techniques, or modes of inquiry
  • Data sources, evidence, objects, or materials
  • Results and/or substantiated conclusions or warrants for arguments/point of view
  • Scientific or scholarly significance of the study or work

NORMA contributions have four formats: 

Regular papers to be presented in parallel sessions (40 minutes: 20 minutes for presentation and 20 minutes for discussion). Format for submissions: 8 page paper to be peer reviewed and published in the conference proceedings.

Symposia (90 minutes) will be presented in parallel sessions. A symposium provides an opportunity to examine specific research issues, problems, or topics from a variety of perspectives, and in relation to a common theme. All presenters are expected to prepare a paper or commentary paper. Session submissions for symposia must have a minimum of three (3), and a maximum of six (6) participants. The number of participants includes presenters and any discussants. These limits are in addition to the chair.

Working groups on topics relevant for a conference on Nordic Mathematics Education. The working groups will be allotted a full hour in parallel sessions. These sessions should be genuinely interactive dealing with one or more research questions the organizer(s) of the working group wish to discuss and work on with other participants in the conference. Format for submissions: 2 page proposal to be peer reviewed; 5 page accounts for the conference proceedings.

Short communications to be presented in parallel sessions (20 minutes: 10 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for discussion). This format is meant to present ongoing or tentative research. Format for submissions: 1 page abstract to be peer reviewed and to be published in the conference proceedings.

Poster presentations to be presented in the poster session. This format is meant to present ongoing or tentative research. Format for submissions: 1 page abstract to be peer reviewed and to be published in the conference proceedings.

Styles and templates: All proposals must be produced using the styles used by the ERME conferences. You can find a template on our website.

All contributions go through a review process. Those who submit regular papers or Symposia will be asked to act as reviewers for other papers. Each prospective participant may be asked to review up to two papers. Guidelines for papers and for the review process can be found on the conference website. Working group proposals and short communications are reviewed by the program committee. The proceedings of NORMA 20 conference will be published online before the conference.

The copyright of the papers rests with the authors, unless different provisions are made for publication with the authors’ agreement. Contributions that fail to achieve a satisfactory level will not be published in the conference proceedings. At a later stage, after the conference, there will be an opportunity to publish conference papers, through a second peer review process. The deadline for this will be announced during the conference. Authors will be given the opportunity to improve their papers before the second peer review process. Information about this opportunity will be provided during the conference.


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