Plenary speakers NORMA 2020

Rolf V. Olsen

Foto av Rolf Vegar Olsen
Photo: University of Oslo

Professor Olsen will speak about what we can learn about mathematics education in the Nordic countries based on the international large-scale studies. See also the abstract: More than 20 years of international large-scale assessments: Lessons learned? (pdf). 




Paul Drijvers.

Photo: Utrecht University.

Paul Drijvers is a full professor in mathematics education at Utrecht University's Freudenthal Institute. Professor Drijvers will speak on mathematical  and computational thinking. See also the full abstract (pdf).       




Barbara Jaworski

Barbara Jaworski
Photo: Loughborough University.

Barbara Jaworkski will give a keynote lecture on the use of models in mathematics education, taking as a starting point a selection of established models and discussing what they offer to researchers in mathematics education, she will address the 'nature of a model'.




Minna Hannula-Sormunen

Minna Hannula-Sormunen is professor at the University of Turku will talk on young children's mathematical learning and how to support it.

Photo of Hannula-Sormunen
Photo: University of Turku.