Social programme

Welcome reception, venue to be announced Tuesday June 2.

Conference dinner on Thursday evening at Felix, Aker Brygge. The dinner will start at 1900, but you are welcome to a drink and to mingle with other conference participants from 1800.


Wednesday June 3 is the day of Excursions at the NORMA20 Conference. We can offer five different guided tours and we have some suggestions for those of you who would like either to take a walk on your own or to join an informal walk-and-talk group.

The Viking Ship Museum (guided tour)

The tour will start with a 10-15 minute introduction, then the group is given time to visit the exhibitions on its own. The guide will be available for questions. Information from the webpage of the Viking Ship Museum: "The world’s best preserved viking ships! The Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune ships were originally ocean-going vessels before they were hauled ashore to be used in burial rituals for their rich owners. Study the ships and the Viking treasures up close!"

Viking ship
Visit the Viking Ship Museum while in Oslo (photo: KHM/UiO).


The Historical Museum

1) Vikingr (guided tour)

Guided tour in the Viking Age exhibition, 1 hour. After that, during the opening hours of the museum, you can visit the exhibitions on your own.

2) The Medieval Gallery (guided tour)

Guided tour in the Medieval Gallery, 1 hour. After that, during the opening hours of the museum, you can visit the exhibitions on your own.

From the webpage of the Historical Museum:

"Make a date with history! See Norway’s largest collection of historical artifacts, housed in our beautiful Art Nouveau building. Visit the country’s oldest skull, exquisite Viking treasures, Egyptian mummies and a multitude of ethnographic exhibitions from Africa, to name a few".

Historical piece from the Historical museum
Make a date with history at the Historical Museum (photo: KHM/UiO)

Art tour at University of Oslo, Blindern (guided tour)

On the campus of the University you can find many pieces of art. Some of the artworks are

even related to mathematics. You can, for instance, find the sculptures of the great Norwegian mathematicians Niels Henrik Abel and Sophus Lie. Even the doorway to the University Library is mathematical  - "The magic square" - made by the artist Paul Brand. During an hour long guided tour at Blindern we will have a look at the artworks together.

Sculpture by Arnold Haukeland
Arnold Haukelands sculpture at Blindern is part of the art tour (photo: UiO)

Math in the city (guided tour)

Experience a mathematical city walk in downtown Oslo. Mathematical tasks are performed at different places. Hand-on and in small groups. The walk lasts about an hour and all participants are equipped with measuring tapes. Get to know an extra-curricular learning arrangement for students, which teaches basic skills in mathematising and modelling. The walk is digitally guided through an app, so please bring your smartphone or tablet. We are able to provide a small number of devices.

Measuring tape and the University Square in downtown Oslo
See downtown Oslo from a mathematical point of view! (photo: Niels F. Buchholtz)

Go for a walk - alone or in an informal walk-and-talk group

There are many possibilities for going on a walk. Feel free to go on one of the below suggested ones on your own. Alternatively, if you would rather join a group to walk and talk, please indicate this as your choice for the tours. One or more persons from the local organizing committee will be joining each walk-and-talk group.

  • Sognsvann: A lake in the north of Oslo, serving as a popular recreational area. There is a trail around the lake. You can reach the lake by metro (Sognsvann station).
  • Frognerseteren: A neighborhood of Oslo, located within Nordmarka. It is a popular starting point for hiking. You can reach Frognerseteren by metro (Frognerseteren station).
  • Vigeland Park: A part of the Frogner Park, a public park in Oslo. It displays the sculptures of Gustav Vigeland, a famous Norwegian sculptor. You can reach the park by tram (Vigelandsparken station) or walk from the metro station Majorstuen.
  • Holmenkollen: An area for skiing, with a ski jumping hill (Holmenkollbakken), hosting competitions since 1982. You can reach Holmenkollen by metro (Holmenkollen station).
  • The Harbour Promenade: For example, Sørenga with the Oslo Opera House, Barcode district, Aker Brygge, Tjuvholmen. There are many possibilities.

    For more tips on activities, attractions, events and restaurants, you can visit VisitOslos webpage. If you would like to tour the city in a slightly faster pace, check out our rentable city bikes.
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