Writing Successful Research Proposals: Focus on Impact

Senior Research Scientist Joseph Gorman talks about how to address impact when writing proposals.

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The seminar will focus on proposals for The Research Council (NFR), but may also be relevant for other funding initiatives, such as EU funding.

Joseph Gorman is a Senior Research Scientist at Sintef Digital, Department of Software Engineering, Safety and Security, and has extensive experience in organizing application seminars for NFR.

Lunch will be served at the seminar.


Time Activity

Introducing central concepts: 

Vision, Objectives, Results and Impact.

Addressing innovation and impact in the proposal.

What the terms really mean and how a proposal should address them.

11.00-11.15 Break
11.15-12.15 Questions to ask yourself about impact, dissemination and exploitation plan.
12.15-13.00 Lunch

General tips: Proposal content and presentation.

General tips: Managing the application process.

Who are you writing for? The proposal evaluation process.

Published Nov. 11, 2021 1:16 PM - Last modified Nov. 19, 2021 12:27 PM