About Teaching Learning Video lab

Teaching Learning Videolab (TLVlab) is located at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research at the University of Oslo.

The unit specializes in supporting researchers in their work with audio/video data, within areas concerning

  • Project planning
  • Project applications
  • Collecting data
  • Storing data
  • Data analysis

In cooperation with other units TLVlab also provides support and development of new technology within teaching, as well as livestreaming and recording of lectures, conferences etc.

As part of the project eVIR - Einfrastructure for video research, TLVlab provides technical solutions on behalf of the Department of Teacher Education and School Research. The main long term scientific goal of the eVIR project is to develop high quality and up todate research methodologies in the humanities and social sciences that take care of both the strengths of video data and the merits of collaborative research and sustainability of data in comparative and follow-up studies. To learn more about eVIR visit the project website.

TLVlab's work is conducted in cooperation with

Department of Psychology, University of Oslo
Department of Musicology, University of Oslo
University Center for Information Technology (USIT)/ Services for sensitive data (TSD)
Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD)
Norwegian Open Research Data Infrastructure (NORDi)
Einfrastructure for video research (eVIR )


Write to us about your project: contact TLVlab.

Researchers affiliated with the Department of Teacher Education and School Research (ILS) or eVIR project are already part of the TLVlab support arrangement.

Researchers not affiliated with ILS or eVIR are also welcome to contact us for more information about TLVlab's work and how we might help with your project.

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