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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Erik Knain Knain, Erik Professor +47-22858252 Sustainability education, Inquiry-based learning, socio-scientific issues, scientific literacy
Picture of Karsten Korbøl Korbøl, Karsten Lecturer +47-22844864 99232327
Picture of Heidi Kristensen Kristensen, Heidi Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ole Andreas Kvamme Kvamme, Ole Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844867 90011561
Picture of Hege Kaarstein Kaarstein, Hege Researcher +47-22856602
Picture of Astrid Waaler Kaas Kaas, Astrid Waaler Head of Office +47-22855018 Strategic planning, organisational development, HES, Recruitment, Personnel management
Picture of Eli Kristiansen Kåsamoen Kåsamoen, Eli Kristiansen Adviser +47-22857879
Picture of Eivind Larsen Larsen, Eivind Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Eli Lejonberg Lejonberg, Eli Associate Professor +47-22858250 Japan
Picture of Anne Lidal Lidal, Anne Senior Executive Officer +47-22854154
Picture of Larissa Lily Lily, Larissa Adviser +47-22857624 Research administration, Research communication, Press contact, Impact, Communication strategy
Picture of Andreas Lund Lund, Andreas Professor +47-22855068 +4791304004
Lund, Jon Arild Adviser +47-22844825
Lunde, Mai Lill Suhr Researcher +47-22857606 92214935
Picture of Jennifer Maria Luoto Luoto, Jennifer Maria Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Camilla Gudmundsdatter Magnusson Magnusson, Camilla Gudmundsdatter Doctoral Research Fellow +47-93201481 932 01 481
Picture of Ida-Cheyenne Lunde Martinez Martinez, Ida-Cheyenne Lunde Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Nora Elise Hesby Mathé Mathé, Nora Elise Hesby Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Ketil Mathiassen Mathiassen, Ketil Lecturer +47-22857664 +47-92234825
Picture of Rolf Mikkelsen Mikkelsen, Rolf +47-22857718
Picture of Gry Luke Muggerud Muggerud, Gry Luke Higher Executive Officer +47-22857065
Picture of Jorunn Møller Møller, Jorunn +47-22857618 +47-95901843 Educational Leadership and organisational learning, Education Governance, School Reforms, Education Policy and School Evaluation
Picture of Nayla Joelle Naoufal Naoufal, Nayla Joelle Postdoctoral Fellow 4748622583 Environmental education, Science education, Critical pedagogy, Transformative sustainability education, Intercultural education, Art -based education
Picture of Eva Kristin Narvhus Narvhus, Eva Kristin Senior Adviser +47-22856892 EKVA
Picture of Sandra Rebekka Nielsen Nielsen, Sandra Rebekka Senior Executive Officer +47-22856433 Web, research administration, PhD