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Picture of Eyvind Elstad Elstad, Eyvind Professor +47 22857613
Picture of Kirsti Lyngvær Engelien Engelien, Kirsti Lyngvær Head of Studies
Picture of Silje Førland Erdal Erdal, Silje Førland Lecturer +47 95882062
Picture of Anna Eriksen Eriksen, Anna Senior Adviser +47 22844915
Picture of Harald Eriksen Eriksen, Harald Associate Professor +47 22844341
Picture of Tone Malmstedt Eriksen Eriksen, Tone Malmstedt Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22857457 +4791302998 Japan
Picture of Sigrid Ernstsen Ernstsen, Sigrid Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Håvard Johnsrud Evang Evang, Håvard Johnsrud Lecturer
Fadum Carlsen, Anne Gry Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Dag T Oddssøn Fjeldstad Fjeldstad, Dag T Oddssøn Professor Emeritus +47 22857614
Picture of Britt Oda Fosse Fosse, Britt Oda Associate Professor +47 22844598
Picture of Jon Erlend Fosvold Fosvold, Jon Erlend Higher Executive Officer +47 22855060 Reception
Picture of Tove Stjern Frønes Frønes, Tove Stjern Researcher +47 22844397 Reading comprehension, International large-scale assessment
Picture of Marthe Wiseth Fundingsrud Fundingsrud, Marthe Wiseth Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anniken Furberg Furberg, Anniken Professor +47 22844914 Computer-based Collaborative Learning, Inquiry-based learning, Teaching in computer-based settings, Socio-cultural theory
Picture of Ida Lodding Gabrielsen Gabrielsen, Ida Lodding Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Øystein Gilje Gilje, Øystein Professor +47 22858186
Picture of Silje Kristin Gloppen Gloppen, Silje Kristin Doctoral Research Fellow +47 99690769 (+47) 99 69 07 69
Picture of Lise Granlund Granlund, Lise Senior Lecturer
Picture of Liv Sissel Grønmo Grønmo, Liv Sissel Senior
Picture of Greta Björk Gudmundsdottir Gudmundsdottir, Greta Björk Professor +47 22855697 +47 94525222 Læring og utdanning, IKT og læring, Lærerutdanningsforskning, Komparative og internasjonale studier, USA, Japan, Nordic, South Africa, Global South
Picture of Bjørn Sverre Gulheim Gulheim, Bjørn Sverre Head Engineer +4797750416
Picture of Ann Elisabeth Gunnulfsen Gunnulfsen, Ann Elisabeth Associate Professor +47 22858557 +4797759928 +47 97759928 Educational leadership, school leadership, learning and education, micro policy, large scale testing, data use, curriculum studies, teaching and learning
Picture of Jeffrey B.  Hall Hall, Jeffrey B. Associate Professor (+47) 22857617 Educational Law, Educational Leadership, Governing and governance, School Inspection
Hartvigsen, Kirsten Marie Associate Professor