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Phone +47 22840146
Mobile phone +4795156142 +47 95156142
Room Niels Henrik Abels Hus, Rom 314
Available hours By appointment
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 35 0317 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1099 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic Interests

My research focuses on cultural, technological, and affective aspects of learning across formal and informal settings, with an emphasis on creativity and pedagogical innovation. Mostly using design-based and participatory ethnography methods, I have conducted research in such diverse contexts as arts-based education, science learning in and outside classrooms, or professional design, with the overall goal of better understanding how people with different backgrounds and interests learn and develop when they work together to imagine and achieve new shared goals. More recently, I work promoting and investigating open-schooling pedagogical innovations as a means to address the needs of school and societal transformation in the current context of environmental crisis and threat to democracy. 

Higher education and academic employment history

  • 2018-present. Associate Professor of Pedagogy at the Department of Teacher Education and School Research, University of Oslo. 
  • 2015-2017. Visiting researcher at the University of Victoria, British Columbia (Canada).
  • 2015-2018. Postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Education, University of Oslo (Norway).
  • 2012. Visiting PhD student at Griffith University (Australia)
  • 2011-2014. Research fellow (PhD candidate) at InterMedia, University of Oslo (Norway)
  • 2009-2010. Research assistant at the Department of Psychology, University of Tromsø (Norway)
  • 2009. Research assistant at the Department of Basic Psychology, University of Valencia (Spain)
  • 2003-2009. Litentiate in Psychology by the University of Valencia (Spain)

Grants and awards

  • 2019             Nomination to best 2018 paper, Design Studies journal   
  • 2018             Nomination to best paper at the EARLI SIG 10 & 21 Conference. 
  • 2015 - 2018  Fripro Mobility Grant, co-funded by the National Research Council of Norway and the Marie Curie Actions COFUND.
  • 2012              6-months overseas research grant to visit Griffith University (Australia) by the National Research Council of Norway.
  • 2011              Springer best paper award at the ReLIVE conference, Open University (Milton Keynes, UK).


Currently, I teach and supervise at multiple courses within the teacher education program as well as the master degree programs 

I also teach qualitative research methods at the faculty's PhD program.

Editorial Work

I have co-edited several special issues and books, and I am co-editor of the international journal Mind, Culture, and Activity

Tags: Informal learning, Science education, Inquiry-based learning, Situated cognition, sociocultural-perspective


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  • Roth, Wolff-Michael & Jornet, Alfredo (2017). Understanding educational psychology: A late Vygotskian, Spinozist approach. Springer. ISBN 978-3-319-39868-6. 321 p.

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  • Jornet, Alfredo; Arnseth, Hans Christian & Smørdal, Ole (2018). Making Collaborating. A Cultural-Historical approach to pedagogical innovation.
  • Jornet, Alfredo & Erstad, Ola (2018). From learning contexts to learning lives. .
  • Jornet, Alfredo; Arnseth, Hans Christian & Smørdal, Ole (2018). Makerspace-Making. Tensions and opportunities in design-based inquiry across kindergarten and museum.
  • Nardi, Bonnie; Booker, Angela; Cole, Michael; Ferholt, Beth; Jornet, Alfredo & Vadeboncoeur, Jennifer A. [Show all 7 contributors for this article] (2018). Emotion and Affect Across Varied Contexts and Genres. Mind, Culture, and Activity. ISSN 1074-9039. 25(4), p. 279–280. doi: 10.1080/10749039.2018.1546874
  • Jornet, Alfredo (2017). Arts Based Education, Embodiment, and Social change: A case of action research at an elementary school.
  • Jornet, Alfredo (2017). Reading dramatically: Affect and intellect in primary school from the lenses of perezhivanie.
  • Jornet, Alfredo (2017). Reflection as primarily social: A Vygotskian perspective.
  • Jornet, Alfredo & Roth, Wolff-Michael (2017). Psychogenic dimensions of drama in arts-based education.
  • Damsa, Crina I.; Jornet, Alfredo; Froelich, Dominik E. & Gegenfurtner, Andreas (2017). The unit of analysis in learning research: Approaches for imagining a transformative research agenda.
  • Jornet, Alfredo (2016). Talking Back to the Future: Anatomy of Reflection as Collective Practice.
  • Jornet, Alfredo (2016). Intersubjective speech field and anticipation: Two Vygotskian categories for the study of classroom conversation.
  • Jornet, Alfredo (2014). Making connections in science inquiry: A sociocultural and pragmatist perspective.
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  • Pierroux, Palmyre; Krange, Ingeborg; Silseth, Kenneth; Jornet, Alfredo & Arnseth, Hans Christian (2014). Field Trips to Science Museums: A Study of Students’ Sense-Making when Interacting with Exhibits.
  • Jornet, Alfredo (2014). On learning and experience: Lessons from Dewey and Vygotsky. Pedagogisk profil. ISSN 0805-5610.
  • Jornet, Alfredo (2012). Integrating physical experiences and digital visualizations in collaborative inquiry learning across contexts.
  • Bakken, Sven Magne; Haavie, Jon; Isdal, Edith; Toussaint, Jeremy; Nesnass, Richard & Krange, Ingeborg [Show all 10 contributors for this article] (2012). Varmepumpespill - installasjon i utstillingen EnergiTivoli.
  • Jornet-Gil, Alfredo (2011). Meaning making trajectories across contexts. Learning science through mixed reality representations in the school and the museum.
  • Jornet-Gil, Alfredo & Jahreie, Cecilie Flo (2011). Designing for immersive learning environments across schools and science museums. Multiprofessional conceptualizations of space.
  • Krange, Ingeborg & Jornet, Alfredo (2010). MIRACLE: Mixed Reality Interactions across Contexts of Learning.
  • Jornet-Gil, Alfredo & Choliz, Mariano (2009). Sevaral questionnaires to measure psychological variables related with abuse of mobile phone.
  • Jornet-Gil, Alfredo; Eisemann, Martin & Choliz, Mariano (2009). Pattern of use of mobile phone in Norwegian adolescents: A cross-cultural comparison between Spanish and Norwegian teenagers.
  • Jornet-Gil, Alfredo & Choliz, Mariano (2009). The test of dependence of the mobile phone: Psychometric properties and psychological implications.

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