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Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 35 Niels Henrik Abels hus 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1099 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic interests and areas of expertise:

I am a doctoral researcher at the department of Teacher Education and School Research (ILS), University of Oslo and am affiliated with the NFR-project Teachers' effects on Student Outcomes (TESO). My research includes collecting and analyzing data to investigate the effect of teachers' competence and teaching quality on student learning outcomes.

My research interests lie primarily in teaching and learning and International large scale educational assessments, including:

- indicators of teachers' competence and quality of teaching

- quantitative analyses

- comparative analyzes

Academic background:

Applied Statistical Analysis, 2020, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Ed. M, International Master in Educational Research (IMER), 2019, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

B. Ed, Educational Theory, 2017, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands



Senden, B., Nilsen, T., & Blömeke, S. (2021). Instructional Quality: A Review of Conceptualizations, Measurement Approaches, and Research Findings. In M. Blikstad-Balas, K. Klette, & M. Tengberg (Eds.), Ways of Analyzing Teaching Quality (pp. 140-172). Scandinavian University Press.

Teig, Nani; Bergem, Ole Kristian; Nilsen, Trude & Senden, Bas (2021). Gir utforskende arbeidsmåter i naturfag bedre læringsutbytte? I Nilsen, Trude & Kaarstein, Hege (Red.), Med blikket mot naturfag. Nye analyser av TIMSS-data og trender 2015-2021 (s. 46–72). Universitetsforlaget.

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  • Teig, Nani; Mittal, Oleksandra & Senden, Bas (2021). Seminar om ulike måter å analysere kvantitative data på. DIFO4015 – Didaktisk forskningsmetode med praksis, ILS, University of Oslo.
  • Mittal, Oleksandra & Senden, Bas (2020). Seminar on the analysis of quantitative data - quality in research. DIFO4015 – Didaktisk forskningsmetode med praksis: analyse og framstilling av data, ILS, University of Oslo.

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