Frøydis Hertzberg

Professor emerita

Educational background:

  • 1991: Dr. philos, University of Oslo
  • 1976: Advanced degree/Master degree in Nordic languages and literature
  • 1973: English language and literature
  • 1971: Degree from Teacher Education College

Employment history:

  • 2008: Director of Interfaculty research area Kunnskap i skolen (Knowledge in School)
  • 2007-2009: Guest professor at Mälardalen University College, Sweden
  • 2005: Visiting scholar at School of Education, University of Birmingham
  • 2004: Honorary Doctor at Uppsala University, Sweden
  • 1999-2004: Deputy Dean, Faculty of Education, University of Oslo
  • 1994-1996: Vice chair of the National Board of Teacher Education
  • 1993: Professor at Department of Teacher Education and School Development
  • 1987: Assistant professor at Center for Teacher Education and School Services
  • 1985-1986: Engaged to build up a school service at Faculty of humanistic studies
  • 1984-1985: Teaching engagement at Department for Nordic language and literature
  • 1977-1984: Research fellow at Department for Nordic language and literature

Research interests:

  • Theory and practice of writing, especially connected to the learning of genres
  • Writing in and across the disciplines
  • Academic writing
  • Assessment of writing
  • Rhetorics
  • Orality and literacy in an educational perspective
  • The teaching of grammar
  • The history of mother tongue teaching in Norway

Current activities:

FAGER: Fagskriving i grunnopplæringen (Writing in the  disciplines in school).

FAGER is an umbrella over project dealing with students' writing in a variety of school subjects at secondary level. Focus is partly on aspects like genre, assignments and assessment criteria, partly on  negotiations among teachers during discussions of student's texts.

 I. "Fagerbakken" upper secondary school: What genres and what kind of assignments are found in the various subjects? How are the texts assessed?  How does the staff cooperate in developing a common understanding of writing as a basic competence, and what is the role of the head team? The project is run in close collaboration between the researchers and teachers from different subject areas, including science and sport education.

Participants: Frøydis Hertzberg (leader),  Kristin Helstad, Karl Henrik Flyum and  Jorunn Møller, 10-12 teachers, head of school, master students. Project period: 2007-2010.

II. Associated projects:

Ph.d. student Anne Kristine Øgreid, Oslo University College: Writing in the disciplines at lower secondary level.

Ph.d. student Ellen Beate Halvorsen Akershus University College: Writing in vocational studies at upper secondary level.

FIRE: Forvaltningsnivåenes og institusjonenes rolle - en evaluering av Kunnskapsløftet

The project is an evaluation of Kunnskapsløftet, a 2006  school reform of grades 1-13. FIRE aims at analysing and evaluating the roles and responsibilities of executives and school leaders at different levels within the new educational system: how are they defined and how do they function? In what way does the reform contribute to changes with regard to school organization, teaching and student learning? Preliminary findings, i.a. concerning the implementation of the five basic skills reading, writing, math, oral and digital skills, are presented in a report medio January 2010.

The research group consists of the following researchers from NIFU STEP and ILS: Petter Aasen and Jorunn Møller (leaders), Eli Ottesen, Tine Prøitz, Nina Sandberg and Frøydis Hertzberg. Project period: 2006-2011.

KIS: Kunnskap i skolen/(Knowledge in School. Interfaculty research area, see A cooperation between 5 faculties at UiO promoting research on education. UV is the host faculty. Leader: Frøydis Hertzberg.

Bibliography on Scandinavian Writing Research. Kjell Lars Berge (ILN), Frøydis Hertzberg and Ommund Vareberg (Vestfold University College).A projects financed by KIS (see above).

Doctoral students

For the time being I am tutoring the following doctoral students (NB: The titles are indications of topics, not accurate translations of project titles):

Anne Kristine Øgreid, Høgskolen i Oslo: Writing in the disciplines at lower secondary level (Co-tutor: Sigmund Ongstad)

Ellen Beate Halvorsen, Høgskolen i Akershus: Writing in the disciplines in vocational studies (Co-tutor: Anne-Lise Høstmark Tarrou)

Kari Anne Rødnes, ILS/Intermedia, UiO: Digital, oral and paper-based argumentation in the classroom (Co-tutor: Sten Ludvigsen)

Kristin Kibsgaard Sjøhelle, Nynorsksenteret: Digital writing as a means of learning Nynorsk (Co-tutor: Synnøve Matre)

Marte Monsen, Høgskolen i Hedmark: Teachers' work with reading tests. (Co-tutor: Lars Anders Kulbrandstad)

Randi Myklebust, Høgskolen i Volda: Orality in the multilingual classroom (Co-tutor: Peder Haug)

Sidsel Skjelten, Universitetet i Stavanger: Criterias for distinguishing between excellent and middle texts in lower secondary. (Co-tutor: Kjell Lars Berge)

Sigrun Svenkerud, Høgskolen i Buskerud: The teaching of oral skills in lower secondary. (Co-tutor: Kirsti Klette)

Tone Cecilie Carlsten: Understanding institutional and epistemic conditions for teacher feedback on students' written work in Norwegian lower secondary school. (Co-tutor: Kirsti Klette)


Dagrun Skjelbred: Norwegian ABC textbooks in a historical perspective. (Co-tutor: Kjell Ivar Vannebo)

Line Wittek: Portfolios as a means of learning in nursing studies. (Co-tutor: Gunnar Handal)

Norunn Askeland: Metaphors for communication in textbooks in Norwegian. (Co-tutor: Kjell Lars Berge)

Mari-Ann Igland: Teacher's feedback on students' drafts at lower secondary level.

Main administrative tasks:

  • Leader of interfaculty research area KIS : Kunnskap i skolen (Knowledge in School) (5 faculties at UiO cooperating about promoting research on education, with UV as host faculty)

  • Co-leader of research group SPRING (with Rita Hvistendahl): Språk i utdanning (Language in Education)


As a deputy dean from 1999 to 2004 I became deeply involved in the implementation of the Bologna reform at the University of Oslo. This included the establishing of study programs, the organizing of student exchange, the construcion and implementation of queality systems and the work with student`s learning outcomes.



  • All-term MA course Written and oral texts in the classroom (10 credits)

  • Occasional plenary lectures on writing for students in teacher education

  • Occasional lectures in curricular studies at Mälardalen University College, Sweden

  • Occasional courses in academic writing at UiO and other universities and colleges. I also cooperate with my colleague Karl Henrik Flyum, who give regular writing courses

  • Tutoring MA and PhD students. Please find list of my PhD students under Current activities.

  • Serving as opponent at doctoral dissertations. Please find list of topics under Other functions

 Completed projects:

After 2000:

KAL: Kvalitetssikring av læringsutbytte i norsk skriftlig (Quality Assurance of Learning Outcome in Written Norwegian). A part of the evaluation of the curriculum reform L 97.

This project 1) investigates the acquired level of competence in written Norwegian at the end of lower secondary and 2) evaluates the final assessment as a national quality assurance. The project builds on a corpus consisting of more than 3.300 pupils` essays from four national cohorts (1998-2001). My part of the project deals with what I call the "risk takers" - pupils who seem to challenge conventional norms of school writing. What kind of norms are being challenged, and how are these essays met by the examiners? (Other project members: professor Lars Sigfred Evensen, professor Kjell Lars Berge, researcher Wenche Vagle and senior advisor Sissel Anderson). The results are presented in Berge et. al 2005

KLasserommets praksisformer (Classroom praxises) A part of the evaluation of the curriculum reform L 97.

In this project classroom praxis is seen from four different angles: 1) the way the teacher organizes classroom work in the various lessons and the various stages, 2) the teaching of reading and writing in the early age, 3) the organization of classroom conversation between teacher and pupils 4) the work with oral skills (my own project). My main questions are: What kind of classroom situations do teachers create in order to stimulate their pupils`oral skills, and how are oral skills assessed? (Other project memebers: professor Kirsti Klette, professor Bente E. Hagtvet and professor Vibeke Grøver Aukrust.) See report on

Other functions:


  • Ad hoc committee and referee tasks for professional journals, publishers, councils of science and letters etc.

  • Opponent at doctoral dissertations in Norway, Sweden and Finland (see lists on topics below)

  • Member of organising committees of conferences and seminars

  • Mentor for post.doc-students at UiO (connected to the mentoring program)

  • Member of reference board for Nasjonalt senter for skriveopplæring og skriveforsking (National Writing Center)

  • Leader of Sunnfjordnett:

    • Sunnfjordnett is a network of teachers of Norwegian in lower and upper secondary in a western region called Sunnfjord. The network started out in 1994 and is meeting once or twice a year, concentrating on central curricular topics like students` writing, multimodal texts, contemporary literature, oral skills etc. My responsibility is partly to make contact with expert lectureres, partly to give my own contributions.


I have been opponent (discussant) at doctoral dissertations on the following topics:


  • The history of the school subject Norwegian (Torill Steinfeld)

  • Assessement of writing in upper secondary (Kjell Lars Berge)

  • The history of school leaving assignments in Norwegian (Egil Børre Johnsen)

  • Writing in upper secondary school in Sweden (Catharina Nyström)

  • The subject of Swedish in teacher education (Kerstin Bergöö)

  • Argumentation strategies in academic writing in medicine, history and linguistics (Kjersti Breivega)

  • Multimodal student texts in lower secondary (Anne Løvland)

  • Appraisal and student texts in the school subject of Swedish (Jenny Wiksten Folkeryd)

  • Writing and writing contexts in years 7 and 8 in the school subject of Swedish (Birgitta Norberg Brorsson)

  • Textual response culture in Finnish upper secondary school (Annette Kronholm-Cederberg)


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