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Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels hus 3rd floor
Postal address Postboks 1099 Blindern 0317 OSLO
Other affiliations Faculty of Educational Sciences (Student)

Academic Interests

English language and teaching, multilingualism, writing, intercultural competence, newly arrived students, sociolinguistics in educational contexts, linguistic ethnography, classroom research


PPU3210: Teaching and learning (teacher certification course, 1st semester)
PPU3220: Assessment and differentiation (teacher certification course, 2nd semester)
PROF4045: Facilitating learning (master of education, 7th semester)


Supervisor for M.A. student Rakel Ødegaard Skaugen (2018-2019)
Co-supervisor for M.A. student Kristina Jusufi (2018)
Co-supervisor for M.A. student Hafsa Warsame (2017-2018)
Co-supervisor for M.A. student Manuela Ianuzzi (2016-2017)



M.A. Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, American University, Washington, DC, USA (2010)
B.A. French and Francophone Studies, Certificate in International Relations, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA (2004)

Positions Held

Assistant professor of English, Oslo and Akershus University College, 2014-2016
English teacher and program director in Palestine, with program development and teacher education assignments in Iraq, 2010-2014
English teacher in adult and higher education in the United States, 2007-2010

As well as NGO sector experience in Palestine (2010-2014) and the United States (2004-2008)


Conference planning committee for Multilingualism and Education: Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives, a collaboration between SISCO and MultiLing.

Tags: English teaching, Multilingualism, Classroom research, Writing, Teaching and learning, Sociolinguistics, Language acquisition, Linguistic ethnography, English


Beiler, I. R. (2010). The modals of possibility and permission in Standard English varieties of England, Scotland, and the United States: A study in dialectal variation. (Master's thesis). UMI. (1484434)

Beiler, I. R., & Hatch, C. (2010). Dialect variation in number agreement with collective nouns in English. American University TESOL Working Papers, 5. 

  • Beiler, Ingrid Miriam Rodrick (2018). Flerspråklige praksiser i engelsk skriveundervisning for nyankomne elever.
  • Beiler, Ingrid Miriam Rodrick (2018). Multilingualism as a Resource in English Writing Instruction: Methodological Presentation.
  • Beiler, Ingrid Miriam Rodrick (2018). Negotiating Multilingual Practices in English Writing Instruction.
  • Beiler, Ingrid Miriam Rodrick & Dewilde, Joke (2018). Translation as translingual writing practice in English as an additional language.
  • Beiler, Ingrid Miriam Rodrick (2017). Multilingual Resources in English Writing Instruction.
  • Beiler, Ingrid Miriam Rodrick (2017). Multilingualism as a resource in English writing instruction.
  • Haugen, Hans Morten; Beiler, Ingrid Miriam Rodrick; Kjøllesdal, Helge; Hauger, Tyler Dale; Skjeggestad, Marit; Lorentzen, Kari & Lerdahl, Beate Iren (2017). Til kirkesamfunn i Norge: Rettferdighetsteologi og staten Israel. Dagen : kristelig dagblad.  ISSN 0805-4738.
  • Ianuzzi, Manuela; Brevik, Lisbeth M.; Rindal, Ulrikke Elisabeth & Beiler, Ingrid Miriam Rodrick (2017). MA thesis: What to do with pronunciation? Teachers' approaches to English pronunciation in lower secondary school.
  • Beiler, Ingrid M. Rodrick (2016). Intercultural and Digital Competence Development through an Online Global Classroom.
  • Beiler, Ingrid Miriam Rodrick (2015). Cultural Competence Development through an International Online Classroom.
  • Beiler, Ingrid M. Rodrick (2010). Functional uses of the modals of possibility and permission in Standard English varieties of England, Scotland, and the United States.
  • Beiler, Ingrid M. Rodrick & Calvert, Megan (2010). How to improve your classroom activities through formal evaluation.
  • Beiler, Ingrid M. Rodrick (2009). The role of L2 input and interaction in adult second language learning.

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