Tonje Stenseth

Academic interests

  • Multiple documents literacy
  • Text relevance and learning from text
  • Sourcing
  • Reading motivation

Current projects and activities


Higher education and employment history

2012 - : Research fellow/Ph.D.-student, Department of Teacher Education and School Research, University of Oslo

2010 - 2012: School psychologist, Bærum

2009 - 2011: Master in Educational-psychology, Institute of Educational Research, University of Oslo

2007 - 2008: Bachelor in Educational Science, Institute of Educational Research, University of Oslo

2004 - 2007: Bachelor in Media Science, Institute for Media and Communication, University of Oslo




Stenseth, T. & Strømsø, H.I. (2018). To read or not to read: A Qualitative Study of Students’ Justifications for Document Selection in Task-Oriented Reading. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research. 

Strømsø, H.I., Bråten, I., Stenseth, T. (2016). The role of students’ prior topic beliefs in recall and evaluation of information from texts on socio-scientific issues. Nordic Psychology.

Stenseth, T., Bråten, I., & Strømsø, H.I. (2016). Investigating interest and knowledge as predictors of students’ attitudes towards socio-scientific issues. Learning and Individual Differences, 47, 274-280.

McCrudden, M.T., Stenseth, T., Bråten, I., & Strømsø, H.I.(2016). The effects of topic familiarity, author expertise, and content relevance on Norwegian students' document Selection: A mixed methods study. Journal of Educational Psychology, 108(2), 147-162.


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  • Stenseth, Tonje (2016). Who and what to trust when selecting between different sources of information?.
  • Stenseth, Tonje; Strømsø, Helge Ivar & Bråten, Ivar (2014). "I remember what the text says but don't really think it's true (when it disagrees with me).".

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