We are grateful for the help of the collaborating partners in this work—and to the faculty and students in their programs. Without their participation and support we would not have been able to conduct this research.  We also acknowledge the work of our research assistants who have assisted in data collection at each of the participating sites.


Representatives from the participating programs

Åbo Akademie (Finland)

Sven-Erik Hansen


University of Helsinki (Finland)

Jari Lavonen

Hannele Niemi


Stanford University (USA)

Rachel Lotan


University of California Santa Barbara (USA)

Tine Sloan


Pontifical Catholic University of Chile (Chile)

Lorena Meckes

Magdalena Muller

Anita Sanyal

Pilar Álamos Valenzuela

Pilar Cox Vial


Research Assistants

Marie Cederberg

Cat Gaspard

Ben Hedrick

Jari Honkala

Ulla Karvonen