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Interdisciplinary teaching and learning (PhD-project)

This PhD project aims to understand what tensions, possibilities and challenges that follow an interdisciplinary learning environment for teachers and students. The project will also provide knowledge on students’ sensemaking in interdisciplinary learning environments.

Teacher and students working on project with wind mill model.

What possibilities and challenges lies in an interdisciplinary learning environment for both teachers and students? (photo illustration by: Colorbox)

About the project

The PhD-project includes two cases where students and teachers are working with the interdisciplinary themes’ "sustainable development" and "life skills and well-being". 
Three focus areas are guiding the project: 

  1. How do teachers design interdisciplinary teaching and learning in sustainable development and life skills and well-being? 
  2. In what ways do teachers implement interdisciplinary learning activities in the classroom, and what is the role of the teacher in such learning environments? 
  3. In what ways do interdisciplinary learning environments support and challenge students’ meaning-making processes? What does it look like when students work across traditional disciplines?

Background and implementation

The project spring from the new Norwegian curriculum (LK20) which introduced three interdisciplinary themes. The timeframe is four years. 

A sociocultural perspective provides a conceptualization of the interplay between humans and resources to cope with complex challenges. 

The project is a case study, conducted in lower secondary and upper secondary schools in Norway, and data material constitute

  • video recordings in the classrooms
  • interviews with both teachers and students
  • student products when relevant.

In analyzing video recordings, interactional analysis will be applied, while conventional content analysis will be used for analyzing the interviews and student products.   

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