International Advisory Panel

An international advisory panel of distinguished researchers in the field has been established for the project

Professor Peter Gronn

Professor of Education at the University of Cambridge, where he is Head of Faculty and head of the Leadership for Learning (LfL) academic group. He is a leading international scholar in the general field of leadership, and specifically in educational and school leadership. A number of his recent writings have been on distributed leadership and new ways of mapping leadership practice.


Professor Jenny Ozga

Professor of the Sociology of Education at the Department of Education, Oxford University. Her main research areas are education policy in international comparative contexts, with a focus on governance. Research topics include education and social policy; policy elites and policy communities, policy networks and policy for the teaching profession, within and across the UK and increasingly in the context of Europeanisation of education.


Professor Olof Johansson

Professor of Political Science at Umeå University and director of the Center for Principal Development. During the last 20 years the focus of his research interest has been school leadership, principal training, values and ethics in relation to schools and their leadership, school governance, school development, and evaluation. Most of his research has been comparative.


Professor Kirsten Ketscher

Professor of Social Security and Welfare Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen. Her research areas are with social security and social welfare rights in Denmark and in the European Union, and social economic and cultural human rights, in particular women and childrens’ rights.


Professor Håkan Hydén

Professor of Sociology of Law at the University of Lund. His research has the last 15 years focused in particular on the development of a norm-science. Publications include “The concept of Norms in Sociology of Law”, “The dependency of Laws upon Norms”, “Legal and Governing Strategies”, and “Normative Patterns – towards a Theory of Legal Transformation Processes”.


Professor Per Wickenberg

Associate Professor of Sociology of Law at the University of Lund. He has norms in education, leadership in organizations, democracy and participation, and sustainable development as his main research topics, and he also covers children’s rights. An on-going project focuses on “The implementation of education for sustainable development: the relation between the norm supportive structures and student’s moral learning”.


Professor William Koski

Professor at the Stanford School of Education. He is the founder and director of the law school’s Youth and Education Law Project (YELP). Reflecting his multidisciplinary background as a lawyer and social scientist, Professor Koski’s scholarly work focuses on the related issues of educational accountability, equity, and adequacy; the politics of educational policy reform; and judicial decision making in educational policy reform litigation. His current research concentrates on the normative case for and policy implications of ensuring equality of educational opportunity in the current context of educational standards, adequacy, and accountability.


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