National Panel

A national panel of school leaders has been established for the project. The purpose is to discuss findings and dissemination activities in ways that may spur debates among leaders at different levels in the educational system. The panel includes union leaders, leaders at school level, county administrative level and KS (the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities), and will meet twice per year.

  • Brit Jakobsson, Assistant Director, the County Governor of Oslo and Akershus,
  • Stein Kjelland Olsen, Principal, Ski lower secondary school,
  • Anne Tove Strande, Department Head, Sandefjord Upper Secondary School,
  • Jan Sivert Jøsendal, Division Director, Education, KS,
  • Solveig Hvidsten Dahl, Norwegian Association of School Leaders,
  • Berit Anne Halkjelsvik, Advisory Committee of School Leaders, Union of Education Norway,
Published June 27, 2012 1:34 PM - Last modified June 27, 2013 11:11 AM