Research questions

  1. Identify the tools and mechanisms that mediate interpretations of the legal standards in the Education Act
  • What characterizes the tools that are made available to practitioners to ensure consistency and quality in the local achievement of legal standards?

  • How do the tools promote local interpretations of legal standards?

  • From which professional fields do the tools originate and how do they claim legitimacy?

  1. Examine the transformation of legal standards into professional concerns and actions at local levels
  • How are the Education Act’s requirements for a good psychosocial environment, special needs education and adapted education fulfilled at the local school?

  • What characterizes school leaders’ knowledge and attitudes to these sections of the Education Act?

  • How are school leaders wrestling with and making decisions on legal issues in education?

  • What characterizes the production and use of documentation practices at school level?

  1. Examine how national inspections of local educational authorities attend to legal standards and warrant the students’ legal rights
  • How is national inspection formed by regulations set by the government?

  • How do inspection teams exercise their judgments?

  • How do actors on the municipal/county level use tools for control or support in their relationship with the local elected bodies? How are such tools employed in the communication with school principals?

Published Jan. 19, 2012 12:38 PM